Meditations: Sickness and Healing


Though rooted in universal creativity, structure and, ultimately, Being, we exist in relation to the universe, and That which is beyond. Because we, as structural entities, do not create the totality which we are, because we are expressions of a larger structure, we are vulnerable to various forms of disorganization. As physical structure, we face disruptions in our material organization. We are creatures who feel and desire; emotional suffering is an inevitable, intrinsic component of the human condition. And that suffering pierces the depths of our being; it is our own personal existence that is at stake.


Healing involves an overcoming of pain, a turning of the evil of suffering, into a good. This process may be accomplished in a variety of fashions. One’s former physical or emotional structure may be re-established. If this is not possible, one may develop new ways of accomplishing the same lost functions. Frequently and ultimately, suffering comes from a permanent loss, and healing then involves the acceptance of limitation and the acquisition of alternate means of self-affirmation. In all cases a wholeness of oneself in the world is re-established. Pain is a challenge to seek the transcendent. Healing creates a new order involving a heightened creativity and a deeper appreciation and love of all existence.

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