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The contemplation of one’s personal existence evokes a sense of wonder

Alojsium.ca is a blog focusing on the mystery of our existence – recent attempts to put into words considerations arising within a life-long journey. If you like the content, you may wish to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Hello, I’m a retired psychiatrist interested in sharing some thoughts about what it means to be human. Alojsium is the name shown on my original baptismal certificate. When my parents immigrated to Canada shortly after the end of the Second World War, there was a certain amount of anti-Italian sentiment. In order to spare me whatever grieve would come of that, the name I had, a diminutive of Luigi, was changed to Louis. For the purposes of this blog I am using Alojsium to reflect the foundations of my understanding of what is existence and personhood, namely that of the Catholic faith. In this world of divisiveness, the concern is that this might be off-putting to some. Keep an open mind and have a read, the hope is that the effort will be worthwhile.

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Creation: The Symbolism in Genesis

In Genesis, the serpent and the trees that grow in the Garden of Eden can be understood as being plot devices that move the story of Mankind’s creation as a perfect creature, who falls and is saved and redeemed by its Creator. The Serpent is symbolic of the cunning wickedness of evil.  We are tempted…

Contemplation of the Unity that is the Person

Maybe we can get closer to the mystery of what it is to be human, a person, contemplating the nature of our experience in this moment. The experience we are having here, right now is a whole: the monitor in front of us, thoughts, keyboard, words flow into one another within a single consciousness that…

An Existential Understanding of Matter

Matter exists; it is a form of being. An atom, itself exists as a whole, exhibiting specific properties that arise from its constituent parts, particularly protons and electrons, The number of protons define it as a specific element, having a place on the periodic table. Science long ago separated compounds into elements that exhibit individual…

The Unconscious

Just as with the physical dimension of the person-in-the-world, where an infinitely complex series of material events are involved in the production of each moment, there are patterns of mental functioning which are not available to reason. Each action, thought or feeling is the product of a complex network of meanings which involves the totality…


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